Digital Marketing

Digital Market Research
It is important to know who your customer is, what they need and where they are to be found online. We have a detailed five step process to make sure you reach the right person, with the right product/service at the right time and at the right price.

Digital Marketing - How its Done . . .
Digital marketing has many forms and these are just a few of the services that we offer below. Each campaign is individually created to suit each product/service being promoted.

  • HeatMap your websites and see exactly what your visitors are doing on your website and where the visitor experience can be improved or where it is going wrong
  • SEO Health Check, make an SEO plan and implement it on your website
  • 16-Point Landing Page Checklist - fundamental to digital marketing and ensuring that you make more sales
  • Create A Lead Offer - Build your Lead Offer and put the processes in place to increase your number of customers
  • The Tripwire Offer - an important part of your Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Activate buyers on your email list and from cold traffic with a fresh email campaign
  • Autoresponder Sales Sequence Create a quick autoresponder email series that sells/promotes your product or service on autopilot
  • Video Sales Letter - create inexpensive, engaging video sales letters and increase sales
  • Email Subscriber Win Back Campaign - Win back email subscribers that have disengaged from your email list
  • Create, manage and scale successful Facebook ad campaigns that generate leads and sales
  • Retarget Traffic Plan - dynamic Facebook re-targeting using Website Custom Audiences
  • Split test - for more leads and sales from your landing pages.
  • Driving Leads and Sales Calls With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  • Twitter Ad Plan - to reach new prospects, generate leads and make sales using Twitter
  • Social Media posting
  • Pinterest Promoted Pin Traffic Plan
  • YouTube Retargeting Plan


Video Marketing

Our New Video Marketing Service

It’s Time For Your Business To Stand Out From The Crowd…
Let’s get your marketing moving with compelling, creative, content-driven marketing and embedded video solutions.
Intros – Logos & Outros – Overlays & Transitions – Social Media Promotions.

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